Axyntis, independent, multi-site leader in the strategic sector of fine chemicals in France

Created in 2007, the Axyntis Group, an independent intermediate-sized enterprise (ETI) composed of two divisions (dyes and fine chemicals) is, with more than 460 employees, the independent leader of the fine chemical sector in France, equipped with multiple sites throughout the country (Pithviers, Calais, Montluçon and Grasse) and boasting a 90-million-euro turnover. 

Since its creation, the Axyntis Group has carried out a technology and market diversification strategy. It has thus expanded its offerings in fine chemicals and is able to handle projects from the gram to the ton, while complying with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and maintaining high hygiene, security and quality standards. All sites are inspected by the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products (or ANSM) and three are inspected by the American FDA. 

Its activities cover multiple markets, including industrial subcontracting, life sciences, dyes and fine chemicals, and are organized around strategic relationships with the main purchasers in these respective markets. Exports represent more than 70 percent of its turnover. The Japanese group Fuji Silysia has built a strategic partnership with Axyntis. 

Interview with David Simonnet

After 10 years of development and fruitful collaboration with its clients, Axyntis is heading off a new strategic model. An interview with David Simonnet, its CEO, will introduce the scope of Axyntis’s work and expertise.

Active molecules on diversified markets

After 10 years of existence, the Axyntis Group is today:

  • A key actor in the production of active ingredients in France thanks to its numerous sites in the country,
  • A dynamic group thanks to the strategic partnerships it has formed and acquisitions it has made within the past years,
  • A leader in diversification and innovation (composing 10% of its turnover)